Childcare Photography

Not your average kindy photographer.
Childcare centre photography that will exceed expectations.

Premium Childcare Portraits

Parents love to have photos of their kids and childcare centres are great locations to organise professional portraits which are cost effective for everyone.

Sadly, kindy photography is often associated with dull, poor quality images that are little better than passport photos.

Whilst most skilled photographers prefer shooting weddings to childcare centres, my passion is young children. I love bringing my professional skills to a genre of photography which is often overlooked.

Why not suprise your childcare centre clients with professional portraits they will actually treasure!


Mid-Year Photos

Mid-year sessions are normally scheduled in April, May or June. For most centres I schedule two morning shoots of around 4 hours each on consecutive days.

Christmas Photos

Christmas sessions are scheduled in October or early November. This ensures that all orders can be finalised and printed in time to send Christmas cards to Grandma.

Graduation Photos

Graduation photos are usually taken in November. Graduating from kindy is a big event for little people and a portrait is a great way to remember the moment.

Props and Costumes

I often bring a selection of props and costumes to my kindy shoots. These help add interest and variety. Props can provide a distraction and help to get a more natural shot.

Toddlers and Babies

Shooting younger children is a specialised art which requires plenty of skill and patience. When all the stars are aligned it can be very rewarding.

Outdoor Shots

I find that most parents prefer studio style portraits, however if your centre prefers outdoor shots, I'm skilled in providing that service as well.

More reasons to Choose Me

I bring an assistant

Running a photo shoot is a lot of work and your staff are already busy. I usually bring an assistant to help organise and prepare the kids. This takes the strain off your staff.

Online ordering

Once the photos have been edited they are uploaded to my site for viewing and ordering. The centre is not responsible for taking orders. Digital images are available for direct download.

Multiple shots of each child

I don't just take a single image and then try to sell 20 different sized prints of the one photo. I take a selection of photos of each child for parents to choose from.

All images are professionally edited

All images are edited to enhance vibrance and clarity. I also remove all traces of dirt, sores, scratches, runny noses, paint, pen marks and other imperfections.

Free Staff Photos

I'm happy to take professional photos of your staff free of charge for your use throughout the year.

Value for Money

My prices are very reasonable. I strive to earn more than average kindy photographers by offering more images and making them more appealing to purchase - not by charging more per image.

Staff and Parent feedback

Our staff are so impressed by your photos AGAIN! Can we book you in for next year?


Hi Sandi, thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos of our little girl. Your photos are stunning!!!!! Many thanks and kind regards,


Hi Sandi, Thankyou for the beautiful photos. You did an excellent job. I can't help but buy everything.


Sandi’s work is amazing. She has such a special talent at getting those gorgeous smiles on kids faces, that us parents just can’t capture ourselves. Combined with fantastic composition to make the photos really special.


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